Cracking open Goldstein

Classical Mechanics 3rd Edition, by Goldstein has been in my possession for a couple years, as I anticipate learning from it.  I cracked it open to see how hard the first chapter “Survey of Elementary Principles” would be.   I started reading it, and to force myself into a mode of not glazing past the equations, adopted a new strategy.  I covered the text, and only revealed the next line (sentence or formula), once I had guessed what it would be.  This idea worked really well at involving me, and at forcing me to look at every little mistake I made in the math.

I also found the solutions on the web to much of the book, and have started on Chapter 1’s derivation, namely, showing that

{dT \over dt } = \bf{F} \cdot \bf{v}

{d(mT) \over dt} = \bf{ F } \cdot \bf{ p }

The first was easy, once I remembered to keep operators and vectors distinct.  The second… I’m still missing something.

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