Advanced Physics Demystified

AdvancedPhysicsDemystifiedI spent June and July working through Advanced Physics Demystified and finished the final exam (a lengthy 100 multiple choice question test).  The advice the author gives is good, have a friend grade the quiz and exam, and tell you your score, but not which you got right or wrong.  This really allows you to work through the process of self-assessment.

I’d say this book is a very curious one, not an overview, yet not focused well.  It offers some topics clearly, and yet I was put off by the fact that some relationships were re-arranged and offered as “different” equations (F=ma, a=F/m, etc.)

I did find it useful and put together a summary though I’m too pressed right now to re-latex it for the blog.

Equations of motion arise from simple integration on $t$, including $ x = \frac{1}{2} at^2 + v_0t + x_0 $.   Impulse is $\textbf{J}=\textbf{F}t$
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