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QED homework 2

22 September 2009

Here is the second homework for the QED topics class.   M. worked up to the Klein-Gordon equation from Schrödinger’s equation, and worked though some dimensional analysis examples, and calculus of variations.


I was very pleased to find Mark Srednicki has posted a draft of his book on QFT, the first couple of chapters parallel things M. is demonstrating.  Pretty useful.


Free electron laser

15 September 2009

Other institutions that are using or investigating free electron lasers include:

Free electron laser at Berkeley / SLAC

15 September 2009

There is an interesting research area that Berkeley Labs and SLAC are getting into that might work for me.  The project is a free electron laser (FEL), which is being coordinated by John Corlett of the Berkeley Lab Accelerator and Fusion Research Division.   A photoemission cathode will be used to pulse out groups of about 10^6 electrons that will be streamed through a linear accelerator and then accelerated/decelerated in pulses yielding x-rays.  The goal of this is to produce a very high quality light-source.

Project Euler #254

12 September 2009

This week worked intently on Problem 254 on Project Euler, which is very interesting.  Didn’t solve it, but did type up my notes here – ProjectEuler254.

QED homework 1

8 September 2009

M.U. at work has been offering to lecture on topics in QED, leading up to the construction of Feynman diagrams.   There is no textbook, but I volunteered to compose assignments after each lecture for the class.  This is the first homework for the QED topics class, touching on gamma matrices and unitary matrices.


King’s Singers

8 September 2009

The King’s Singers are squarely excellent musically.  I have been loving this particular piece, Deconstructing Johnan, for a couple of years now.  It is beautifully set, interesting, active and funny.

Concepts of Modern Physics

6 September 2009

ConceptsOfModernPhysicsRead through Concepts of Modern Physics by Beiser in July, August and September.  It provided a great review and overview, and filled in several gaps in my knowledge.   I took tons of notes, but haven’t worked them up into latex (not sure how useful this would be – I have other areas that need my focus).

For me this book was perfect – high level of detail and consistent expectations of the reader.