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Oblate spherical coordinates

29 October 2009

Elliptical coordinates are defined in 2D and can be rotated around the x or y axis to yield 3D oblate spherical coordinates or prolate spherical coordinates.


Susskind classical mechanics

27 October 2009

Found a lecture from Susskind covering Poisson brackets.  (Note: this is lecture 9, and I believe lecture 1 actually follows chronologically, since the boardwork is leftover from lecture 9).

Gapminder and Hans Rosling

21 October 2009

Hans Rosling has several videos aimed at making world health data more readily available at his website Gapminder.   First saw him through TED.

QED homework 3

15 October 2009

Here is the third homework for the QED topics class.  M. sketched out the second quantization.


A wolf in sheep’s clothing

12 October 2009

Today I learned:

Sugar coated bomb (used by socialists to describe the seductive ideas of capitalism) – 糖衣炮彈

A wolf in sheep’s clothing – 披著羊皮的狼

Physics GRE done!

10 October 2009

Worked through the GRE subject exam today.  I’ve been studying for it for a couple months, taking the practice exams.  Based on scores from those, and how I felt on it, I think I did fairly well.