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King’s Singers

8 September 2009

The King’s Singers are squarely excellent musically.  I have been loving this particular piece, Deconstructing Johnan, for a couple of years now.  It is beautifully set, interesting, active and funny.


Google Wave

30 May 2009

I was very excited to see the introduction of Google wave yesterday, and the open source approach it offers.  I thought it would be great to see other embedded support for math (Latex) and music (LilyPond) etc.  Glad to see that Terry Tao is thinking about this.

Elgar – Nimrod

29 May 2009

Heard a piano arrangement of Elgar’s Nimrod from Enigma Variations on the radio this morning – so beautiful, a great musical idea of just the right length, long enough to stun, but brief enough to not wear out the ears of the listener.Enigma_theme

(to hear what this sounds like, click here)

相見不如懷念 (Meeting is inferior to memory)

19 February 2009

My wife turned me on to this Chinese version of an 80’s music hit from Japan – gentle and catchy.  The lyrics are below (there are a few characters I still have to look up).

相見不如懷念 就算你不瞭解 我那冷漠的眼 你為何視而不見

對你不是不眷戀 也許心情已改變

被你擁抱的感覺 開始像個冬天 我才發現你我 已活在不同的世界

放了我吧 放了我的一切 忘了我吧 忘了那激情的纏綿

放了我吧 就讓我們活得輕鬆一點

或許我在下著雨的夜 還會願意想起你的臉


相見不如懷念 就算你不瞭解 我只能對你說聲再見

細雨紛飛 掩飾你的眼淚 在我轉身以前 讓我擦乾你的臉

別再卦念那一些 謊言或者是諾言

勇敢走出我視線 當你越走越遠 我會親手為你 畫一個美麗的句點

當你的體溫再也無法溫暖我 我如何去偽裝你心中隱藏的火焰

我不願綁著你和我 更不願如幽靈穿梭


Piazzolla – Oblivion

14 February 2009

Digging through miro I rediscovered a piano trio of Piazzola’s Oblivion – just beautiful.


15 January 2009

LilyPond is open source software for typesetting music.  I’ve used Finale, but I was really pleased to see there is a somewhat viable alternative.  They have a wonderful article on music engraving and computer notation – (which fine details make sheet music easy and a pleasure to read).