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World of Warcraft

25 December 2009

Taking a short vacation, I gave the now mature online game of World of Warcraft a try.  A fun, Blizzard did a good job creating a game with an immersive environment.  I can see why it is so popular.  Also found the add-ons and customizability using Lua very interesting, skimmed a couple books on writing add-ons, and wrote one for myself.  The  webisodes of the Guild, which play off of Wow, are entertaining.


Gapminder and Hans Rosling

21 October 2009

Hans Rosling has several videos aimed at making world health data more readily available at his website Gapminder.   First saw him through TED.

Project Euler #254

12 September 2009

This week worked intently on Problem 254 on Project Euler, which is very interesting.  Didn’t solve it, but did type up my notes here – ProjectEuler254.

Project Euler problem 54

29 August 2009

I’m starting on Project Euler to help myself learn Python better.  Project Euler offers a great range of problems that sit in the realm between math and programming.  I finally solved problem 54 tonight, which involves judging poker hands.  A couple of observations that helped me finish the problem were:

  1. Breaking ties between hands of the same value only sometimes requires high card evaluation.   E.g. when comparing four of a kind, three of a kind, or full house, there is no need to check any other cards besides the melded cards.
  2. Royal flush and Straight flush require the same evaluation.PythonEssentialReference

After looking at a lot of Python books and wishing for something up to date, I found Python: Essential Reference fourth edition by Beazley.  It has good coverage of both 2.6 and 3.0, and the author comes from a scientific background as well.


24 June 2009

Laptop arrived!  Just in time to make final edits to my math paper.

ThinkPad X301

ThinkPad X301

Hello world!

15 May 2009

After 4 months of blogging only to my local computer, I’ve made the switch-over from blogging on the site.  The export/import transition was painless.  I only had one picture to upload, so that was quick as well.  The largest part of the conversion was reformatting the Latex (math).  Fortunately, there is lots of help WordPress + LaTeX.  Kogler has a posting with a great LaTeX summary.

San Francisco trip

5 April 2009

My two day trip to San Francisco was great.

I  learned about the existence of Hadoop and the MapReduce methodology from a friend.  I’m also becoming more convinced to blog publically a couple of friends have encouraged me in the direction.   I’m even kind of interested in Twitter.